Helen Ward
Illustrator and Author


Helen Ward was born in 1962 in the U.K. She grew up in a family of artists where there was a plentiful supply of 4H pencils, dried up paint and bent rulers. In those far off days shyness was not a medical condition, imagination and creativity were encouraged, people could read maps and phones were generally attached to walls which were too big to fit in pockets or handbags.....


.....Helen wanted to be an illustrator before she knew what an illustrator was called. Most importantly and with scant regard for spelling or punctuation, she wanted to write stories too. She eventually went to art college and graduated from Brighton Polytechnic with a Degree in Graphic design/Illustration.

She has a longstanding interest in natural history both real and imagined. She particularly enjoys the ‘imagined’ because it’s so much easier to get right.

Helen has won awards for her work in the U.K. and abroad and has had some amazing reviews of which she is quietly proud and a little embarrassed.

Someone a long time ago wrote “ Helen tries hard”, she thinks it was a P.E. teacher, she thinks that this review (school report) was a lot easier to live up to.

Helen is something of a perfectionist. She thinks that this would be very depressing if she didn’t enjoy the exploration, the journey and the whole creative process so very, very much.

September 2014.

Helen Ward